Friday, October 26, 2012

write about something Interesting and the money will come with time

if you like to be a popular blogger. the secret is simple all you have to do is  "Push people to interact with your posts"  the first thing to do when you are near to end a long and full of information post you need to Ask opinions from your  readers and you can try any Any statements of  exclamation like for example – “What do you think”?   .

the next thing you need to do is to react with readers by answering Answer their questions and their views most visitors come back to your page to see what people are living as comment's and point of views on topics that they have left an impression before .

 Always Be open to any criticism you receive  and  consider  it an advice and try to  treat the problem posed in that criticism .

         note. Keep in mind that no matter how improved you get as a writer, there is how is  better then you.

   the best thing to do as a respond to a bad comment or an aggressive review is to remove it from your blog . 

in now days a blog is the same as a website search engine tend to rank useful more informative blogs on a normal website Even if it got more traffic to it .and for your benefit more visitors mean more ad  impressions,  which in turn means more revenue.  as a blogger you update more content Common then sites.

the best tip i can give to you is "Mark each post title better than the previous one" .
   your target is to get people to read and react with what you post haw can you get their attention if you start with a trashy tittle lol..
 seriously you did your best with making a great content take a few time to come up with a magnificent tittle make people say " wow i need to read more on this"  

people are not all net gigs most of your blog readers can't understand  an RSS.

you need to get people to subscribe to your blog i will say that the best way is to useRSS-to-email services such as feedblitz or bloglet . You have to use them in order  to widen your subscriber base.

remember that people run away from blogs that use allot of ads . allot ads will kill your blog content

good luck.


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