Saturday, October 27, 2012

MINI IPAD APPLE Announcement

AT the 23 of this month "Phil Schiller," the marketing leader for apple presented the first mini iPad device in California .

after a long time waiting here is the new mini iPad that apple was promising   to promote at the tablet market ,Due to late issuance of it Frequent rumors positive and negative was Givento this product . but you can say that this what make it ,That's what made ​​him raise a buzz in the market.

as known to all Apple is a leading company in the field of technology.And as always,  this product stunned consumers And excited theme to buy it as soon as possible. 

It is worth mentioning that the company released iPad 4 . making  it win  the list place in the ranking  of companies producing tablet devices,Even after the the emergence of of competitors such as Amazon and Kindle kindl Fire and Microsoft 

        fantastic LED-backlit screen on 7.9-inch display
        The back-facing 5MP i Sight camera is similar to what we've seen on bigger iPads
        battery :Apple claims 10-hours and we hope it's close 
         Pad Mini price: From £269

 iPad Mini release date: 2 November, 8am (Wi-Fi only), Late November (Wi-Fi + Cellular models). Pre-order from 26 October


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