Friday, November 16, 2012

best iPHONE 5 accessory FOR practice sport

The perfect accessory to run without being bothered by the cable of your headphones. With the cuff Gym .The cuff proves to be very easy to clean after exercise. The enhanced contours will in turn protect your iPhone 5 against falls and dirt.

this item was designed to give the athletic a big space with enjoying best music play-lists & radios . the headset cable will no longer bother you or drop off in the middle of a exercise till you stop and get it back and for more the brassard gym give you the choice  to put your headphones cable into it like a pocket or something like that .

• Optimum protection for your iPhone 5
• Protects screen that does not detract from the handling of the device
Flexible and adjustable cuff
Contour reinforced for better protection in case of fall
Ease of use
• Easy access to jack port
• Easily washable
• Slot for storing a key


Monday, November 12, 2012

iphone 5 review

iphone 5:
it has been two weeks since iphone 5 got to the markets and two the users pockets i have been tracking some users of it and getting their review daily. u need to decide weather you like to bye it /or not .
with out terning around the subject this iphone is like we though it will be .a little bit high .how think about baying it should put that in his mind for getting a new smartphone like everyone .
is that what apple been keeping for us . a smartphone with darned maps.

i know a user how said “we used to that heavy iphone that make u fill like u are a GEEK or a businessman”
but with iphone 5 how by the way  weight about (112g)u fill like u are having a toy phone in your hand or some kind of a copied iphone made in china . not a good filling but that’s filling go away with  the usage of it. the best thing new is the incredibly  light screen like we all know 20 per cent lighter then the iphone 4
great move from apple is  making the screen bigger, but for users how are not familiar with iphone 4GS most of them did not notice the deference .

 the power button make a problem with normal using of the phone it’s out of reach. the body construction of the phone is great .beautiful finishing  touches .will not hide it big problem with the pocket test the phone get damaged in 2 week of usage not good apple .making the connector smaller was a winning move both sides is possible, with a harder connector structure nice . now to the problem the connecting cable cost around 30 dollar and if u were using it mush u better bye a few . what i did not understand is way moving the headphone jack to the pottem of the phone.

at the end of the design review we came to the most asked question is it soft (we all had that filling of dropping the iphone down for bing soft in the hand ) with a high cost-phone like this that’s a negative thing

i can say that apple has always made us thinking the next iphone will be better . the screen that’s what am waiting for in the iphone 6.
there is more about iphone 5 review .

Thursday, November 8, 2012

This week on the blog: The iPhone 5 is still and always get a lot of public talk

Here's your weekly summary of what happens on the forum.

With the recent release of the iPhone 5 is the opportunity for a new update on your experience with the new smartphone. Happiness, unhappiness, and tricks ... everyone has their own comment. And you, what do you think?

Here is the summary of what happened during the week on the forum 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Windows 8 Media Center is out and free for Pro Users

Free Windows 8 Media Center for Windows 8 Pro Users.


you can say that it is  an offer from Microsoft  company to it's pro Users or customers. there was some roamers that this offer will be a paid upgrade. but as a surprise  Microsoft give it out for free with a time line stops at   31 January 2013. 

from the benefit's of this pack is the ability of watching and recording live TV with Windows media canter .

you can get the key from here Windows 8 Add features 

visit the page provided in the link (remamber that this offer is only available in this page )

then jast fill in the blank your email address .the trick here is that you can't get the key in that moment you have to wait  till  they review your request and you will be emailed back within 24 hours.


in case u did not get the key email within 24 hours don't forget to check your junk folder 


you need to have the pro pack after downloading the Windows 8 in order to get this upgrade .