Saturday, October 27, 2012

Best invention of the year 2012

Time magazine decided to choose the alarm that chooses the best time to wake up as the best invention for the current year 2012.
 product: sleep tracker
innovator:  lee Loree
 sleep tracker one of 2012 best innovations the discovery of this devise go back to the year 1999 when lee Loree's wife  had some  sleeping disorder  .
lee needed to help his wife.he started to think how people and how to improve best time to wake up  after few years lee come up with a gadget that can calculate sleeping data.
the first prototype was some simple watch from walmart stores. his wife "said that prototype was like a trash" 

the devise work when the person how use it upload that data every morning  to the computer and calculate best rest moments during the night . the watch can be programmed to wake you up with an alarm or vibration by setting the best wake up time that work with your sleeping cycle that can give you more energy during the day and keep you calm at the morning    
                        do u think that will help ???



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