Sunday, October 28, 2012

Windows 8 walk-hrow

Touch or keyboard and mouse: your decide what to use .

They even changed to new navigation techniques to make the consumer choose what can make him comfort with Windows 8.
Do you think that your keyboard/mouse navigation fast hold to see what you can do with touch navigation in Windows 8 ,starting with organizing your start screen to zoom in & out , with this innovative touch keyboard you can navigate at one place or even if you were moving.
In the touch keyboard they tried to make it suit any category of consumer’s business man or a regular user on a cafĂ© chop. It’s based on making the touch keyboard a full-sized keyboard .it got large buttons. Like I said before you will fill normal typing wail you are sitting or walking around.
From the benefit’s of this new technique is that it will improve your typing skill with time making you type faster then before because in Windows 8 you will find that the system try to reduce your mistakes by suggesting words as you type so u don’t need to type the every thing then go back from the beginning and start the rectification process.

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